Huawei Cloud unveils Cairo region

Huawei Cloud unveils Cairo region

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Huawei Cloud has announced its Cairo region, making it the first company to launch a public cloud in Egypt.

The Cairo region covers 28 African countries and contributes to Huawei Cloud’s support of digital transformation of vertical industries.

Announced at the Huawei Cloud Summit in Cairo, the announcement of the Cairo region brings Huawei Cloud’s total number of regions to 33 worldwide.

The Cairo region will provide innovative, reliable, secure and flexible cloud services to individuals, corporate and government users and serve as important digital infrastructure.

Huawei Cloud has been offering innovative services on its platform including the DataArts data governance pipeline, GaussDB database and the ModelArts AI development pipeline.

“With the Cairo Region, we are bringing our most innovative technologies to the country to further support Egypt to unlock the potential of digital transformation,” said Jacqueline Shi, president of global marketing and sales services at Huawei Cloud.

“Furthermore, the launch of the Cairo Region is an important step in Huawei Cloud being able to enhance our services to customers across 28 African countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia and Algeria.”

Huawei Cloud also released a new Arabic large language model (LLM). The new Arabic LLM is an important step in supporting companies in the region with the digital transformation of vertical industries, the company says in a release.

The automatic speech recognition (ASR) service supports functions covering over 20 Arabic-speaking countries with an accuracy rate reaching 96%. It is the first 100-billion parameter Arabic LLM in the industry, Huawei says.

The model has been trained with native Arabic data, ensuring an accurate understanding of local culture, history, knowledge customers and more of the Arab world.

Shi continued: “We believe that every country should have AI capabilities to preserve its local culture and that AI models should be developed and trained with local languages, enabling vertical industries to become more efficient.”

Huawei previously announced that it will invest US$300 million to establish the first public cloud region in Egypt, offering over 200 cloud services including AI platforms, data platforms, and development platforms.

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