TIM presents its choice of Inwit board of directors

TIM presents its choice of Inwit board of directors

27 February 2020 | Natalie Bannerman


Inwit, Italy’s biggest tower company and the second largest in Europe, has been presented a list of candidates for its board of directors by Telecom Italia (TIM).

On 20 March 2020, the company will hold an ordinary shareholders meeting to decide on the list of candidates, who are due to assume their roles once the merger of Vodafone Towers into Infrastructure Wireless Italiane (Inwit) is complete.

TIM, which holds 360,200,000 ordinary shares and an approximate share of 60.03% in Inwit, proposed:

  1. Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of Inwit
  2. Fabrizio Rocchio, technology director at Vodafone Italy.
  3. Carlo Nardello, chief strategy, customer experience and transformation officer, TIM
  4. Emanuele Tournon, CFO Europe, Vodafone
  5. Agostino Nuzzolo, general counsel and legal and tax affairs executive vice president - secretary of the board, TIM
  6. Barbara Cavaleri, board member and finance director, Vodafone Italy
  7. Sabrina Di Bartolomeo, board member, TIM Brasil
  8. Sonia Hernandez, CEO, Vodafone Malta
  9. Filomena Passeggio, president of the board of directors of Terna Rete Italia
  10. Antonio Corda, legal affairs director, Vodafone
  11. Elisabetta Paola Romano, EVP of chief innovation and partnership officer, TIM
  12. Nadia Benabdallah, europe network engineering director, Vodafone

Additionally, a group pf asset management companies and investors, that collectively hold 17,616,529 shares and approximately 2.9% in Inwit, presented three names for consideration.

  1. Secondina Giulia Ravera, non-executive independent director, Reply
  2. Laura Cavatorta, ESG committee president and nomination committee member, Snam
  3. Francesco Valsecchi, member of the board, Anima Holding