GBI interconnects with Etisalat’s SmartHub internet exchange

05 April 2017 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Gulf carrier GBI has joined Etisalat’s carrier neutral SmartHub internet exchange in Dubai.

The connection “will enhance our network and the diversity of our routes providing access to the region’s markets”, said GBI’s CEO, Amr Eid.

Etisalat launched the SmartHub internet exchange four years ago and companies such as Telstra and Telekom Malaysia are already connected. Aicent, since bought by Syniverse, also joined.

Ali Amiri, group carrier and wholesale officer at Etisalat, said, “We are glad to host GBI into our ecosystem. This partnership will add greater value to the SmartHub platform further enriching our global network and connectivity propositions.”

Etisalat said its SmartHub internet exchange is designed to handle significant end-user traffic and to make internet communication easier and cost-effective.

The hub “works towards providing a resilient, redundant and robust network with efficient engineering support”, said Etisalat. “Etisalat offers a world class infrastructure and environment to clients seeking to broaden their exposure and growth into new productive and emerging global arena.”

At its launch Etisalat said that the SmartHub was designed to connect a range of multiple diverse and international networks to several internet exchange platforms around the world, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles. Telstra launched a point of presence at the hub two years ago.