DE-CIX Istanbul expands to TurkNet data centre

22 June 2016 |

DE-CIX Istanbul has signed a cooperative agreement to expand its internet exchange to TurkNet’s data centre.

Under the agreement, DE-CIX Istanbul will extend its setup to the TurkNet data centre in Gayrettepe, Turkey in a move that will see the company extend the coverage of its exchange as well as increase its utility to the internet peering industry in Turkey and the region. With the addition of the TurkNet site, DE-CIX Istanbul will be available at five enabled sites in Istanbul and over 20 access points in Ankara, Bursa and Izmir. 

“As a member of the Turkish Network Alliance Platform, we established our strategy based on redundancy and ever-increasing quality,” said Cem Çelebiler, general manager of TurkNet. “After launching direct exchanges with Facebook and Google in previous months, the agreement with DE-CIX represents another crucial step toward achieving our strategy. By carrying our Internet traffic to DE-CIX’s Internet exchange point in Istanbul, we will continue to increase our traffic quality. We plan to strengthen our network with similar collaborations in the near future.”

DE-CIX Istanbul’s internet exchange provides IP interconnection for hosting companies, content delivery networks and operators of broadband internet access. It is said to deliver carrier and data centre neutral internet exchange services for ISPs from Turkey, the Balkans, the Caucasus region, Persia and the Middle East.  

Bülent Şen, DE-CIX’s regional director of Turkey, emphasised that every newly-enabled site – including TurkNet’s data centre – increases the access points for other networks to join the exchange. “The agreement with TurkNet adds an essential site with a significant amount of carriers and ISPs to our metro footprint, and we are delighted to have them on board,” he added.