BSG publishes UK’s open internet code

09 June 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

The UK Government’s advisory group on broadband, the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG), has published its new open internet code to bring the UK into line with the EU connected continent regulation.

The code, which seeks to preserve consumer access to the open internet – one in which users can access all lawful content without providers discriminating on the basis of commercial rivalry, has been signed by major UK communications providers and has wider support from the Open Internet Forum.

“The revised code gives UK communication providers and consumers greater clarity and certainty about what the European Regulation means in practice,” said Matthew Evans, CEO of the BSG.

“The consistent and constructive engagement of both ISPs and content providers was critical to the success of the process. I look forward to continuing to work with them and with the Open Internet Forum to address any issues that arise in relation to the code."

Ed Vaizey, the UK digital economy minister, said: “The original code of practice, which I called for in 2011, was essential in delivering an open internet for the UK. These revisions announced complement the recent EU open internet regulation and will make sure it is applied consistently by the major UK internet service providers."

The code builds on previous commitments by ISPs to provide transparent information to consumers about their traffic management practices and clarifies the context in which some innovative services, which may become more prevalent as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, could be provided alongside the open internet.