Telecom Italia picks new logo for unified name

14 January 2016 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Telecom Italia has chosen a new logo to accompany the TIM brand, which the company decided in 2015 to use for all services.

The new brand will be used for fixed and mobile services in Italy and Brazil and it is expected that it will eventually be used by TI Sparkle, the company’s wholesale telecoms operation.

“Today, we are celebrating an important step in the renewal of our corporate identity,” said group CEO Marco Patuano. “We have decided to merge the commercial offers of all our market segments under the name of TIM, creating a unified brand that combines the solidity and size of Telecom Italia with the innovative characteristics of TIM.”

The company is also planning a move to new headquarters in Rome, at the Torri dell’Eur site, dating back to the 1950s but newly restored after a competition for architects under 40.

Patuano said that the new identity was “a fusion that reflects a concrete phenomenon: fixed-mobile convergence, enabled by the internet, new devices, technology and digital platforms”. The logo was designed after a collaboration with Interbrand. 

He added: “As from today, we will combine the best of TIM and Telecom Italia with a new logo that also marks an important change in the redefinition of our role: from pure telephone operator to an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of enabling platforms: from fixed and mobile ultra-broadband networks to cloud computing through to new generation information technology.”

The new brand will be used for services to 30 million mobile lines and 12 million fixed network connections in Italy and 72.6 million customers in Brazil.