Three Wholesale launches OTT service

06 November 2014 |

Three Wholesale has partnered with textPlus for the launch of an OTT service for wholesale customers.

The Nextplus app enables wholesale customers of OTT services to connect without a physical SIM card. It allows users to make and receive calls and media-rich texts over IP, via mobile numbers attached to their Nextplus accounts.

Unlike most OTT apps, which require both senders and recipients to download the app, Nextplus is interconnected with the global telephone network, which allows users to communicate with “off-app” users.

“The Nextplus partnership is yet another example of how Three continues to challenge the market and disrupt traditional models of connectivity,” said Lynda Burton, director of Three Wholesale.

“OTT services are growing rapidly and services like two-way calling without a SIM card will open up new opportunities for the international and roaming markets in particular. Nextplus recognises this and its fresh approach to connectivity makes it an exciting partner for Three Wholesale,” she added.