IQM opens quantum data centre in Germany

IQM opens quantum data centre in Germany

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IQM Quantum Computers has opened its first quantum data centre in Munich, Germany.

At present, the data centre is equipped with two of IQM’s quantum computers, manufactured at its commercial chip production and assembly line in Finland.

The facility is housed in the company’s Munich premises and there are plans to place up to 12 quantum computers in the data centre.

“Our aim is to solve business challenges beyond classical supercomputing capabilities, and we are actively exploring various applications with error-mitigation techniques for optimal hardware performance,” said Dr. Jan Goetz, co-CEO and co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers, during the opening of the facility.

“This quantum data centre is an integral part of our global commitments to serve and collaborate with end-users from enterprises, research institutions and government agencies.”

The new infrastructure will provide a stable and secure environment to host all future generations of IQM’s quantum computers.

Over the past three years, IQM has been collaborating with software and algorithm partners and businesses in Germany and globally to accelerate the development of useful quantum solutions for applications.

Among the potential uses being explored are machine learning, cybersecurity, route optimisation, quantum sensor simulation, chemical research and pharmaceutical development.

The announcement follows the integration of the IQM quantum computer into an HPC supercomputer at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Munich for scientific research.

With its strong research infrastructure and highly skilled workforce, Germany is a key player in the development of quantum technologies in the European Union.

Several initiatives are being taken in Bavaria by the government, companies, and institutions to foster a quantum ecosystem, the company said in a release.

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