EE announcement an “evolution” rather than a shift

EE announcement an “evolution” rather than a shift

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EE’s venture into gaming consoles and other electronics is an evolution in its strategy, rather than a major shift in direction, Kester Mann, director of consumer and connectivity at CCS Insight says.

The UK operator said on Wednesday that it would offer EE ID which offers cybersecurity, home security and insurance products for electronics.

Its push to add consumer revenue comes at a time of a proposed merger between Vodafone and Three in the UK that is seeking approval from the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA).

Mann believes EE’s grand plan is to bolster its relevance among customers and stir greater engagement, particularly via its app.

“Today is an important step along that journey, but the company will be under no doubt that creating a new brand identity is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour,” he says.

Paolo Pescatore, TMT analyst at PP Foresight believes that this is a “significant moment for BT, the new EE, Marc Allera and UK customers”.

“This is a bold, ambitious plan that has been years in the making.

“The wraps are now off on the eagerly anticipated new EE, which will propel and transform the business to offer seamless experiences underpinned by ubiquitous connectivity.”

Logical expansion

The new areas of focus for EE make sense, though, according to Mann

“Gaming, insurance and security don’t stray too far from its connectivity roots unlike riskier forays into sports rights and financial services, many of which have been unsuccessful.”

The updates from EE’s announcement won’t quell mounting questions over whether telcos can monetise their networks, compete with big technology companies and rejuvenate financial performance.

“But EE at least appears to recognise its challenges and the changes outlined feel like a step in the right direction.”

Pescatore thinks that strategically, the announcement puts EE in pole position compared to its traditional telco rivals.

“Others have their own challenges and will fall further adrift given the need to be more flexible and agile in a radically converged and cut-throat marketplace.

“This will force them to accelerate their own efforts, platforms, mindset and strategic vision.”

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