Connectbase rolls out planning and prospecting capabilities to UK and Ireland

Connectbase rolls out planning and prospecting capabilities to UK and Ireland

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Connectbase has expanded planning and prospecting capabilities for network operators that wish to expand in the UK and Ireland.

This expanded data capability has been made available as part of the company’s The Connected World platform – a configure price quote (CPQ) platform, delivering more value to users with detailed tenancy data related to in-depth location information.

“We are excited to bring this additional data-driven capability to our users who want to expand in the UK and Ireland. The insights available through this enhancement will help our users be more competitive and efficient,” said Edison Smith, vice president of sales - global at Connectbase.

“This is a very competitive market with a lot of regional players, so this data will give users of The Connected World a leg up in their prospecting.”

The detailed tenant data provided in the platform enables network operators to identify, prioritise and manage new opportunities and prospects in the UK and Ireland.

This includes insights into buildings along network routes; detailed information on tenants in those buildings, such as company name, employee numbers, connection status, and competitive score; the ability to query by company name or enterprise type within a region; data layer views including shareable routes, towers, and data centres.

In addition, this enhanced capability enables such use cases as being able to help direct sales teams to identify new targets within their network footprint or determine where a customer’s business location intersects with a service provider’s network connectivity offering or identifying where network operators can prioritise and build new infrastructure based on business and tenant density.

In related news, earlier this week Glide and Connectbase partnered to accelerate how global service providers procure and manage connectivity across the UK.

“We have a large number of enquiries about UK network footprint from our global user base and we are excited to offer Glide’s UK connectivity services on our platform,” said Ben Edmond, founder and CEO of Connectbase.

“Our partnership with Glide is another milestone on our global expansion as we see increasing demand for a simple and intelligence-driven model for buying and selling local network services across the globe.”

Through this collaboration, Glide became the first UK network service provider to offer its services on Connectbase’s The Connected World platform, enabling service providers to access the UK network footprint with location-based intelligence and automated and standardised quoting.

“Our partnership with Connectbase provides a global community of service providers immediate access to our network services and connectivity options across the UK,” said Tim Pilcher, CEO at Glide.

“We are thrilled to be the first UK service provider on The Connected World platform and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with Connectbase.”

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