launches Layer 2 Multipoint network product launches Layer 2 Multipoint network product

detail of an optical fiber cable for data transmission.

Globa NaaS (Network as a Service) provider,, have announced the launch of a new Layer2 multipoint product which connects multiple locations in minutes from 1G to 400G.

The product is an Ethernet transport that allows customers to interconnect multiple locations in a single Layer2 broadcast domain. This is stretched over multiple locations, which means rather than point-to-point connections, the ethernet local area network (E-LAN) is a multipoint network.

“The main issue solved by this product is inflexiblity. It is much harder to upgrade or even change a poitn to point E-LINE network, however, with E-LAN Multipoint (MP2MP) you get flexibility from day one, meaning you can add or remove sites according to your changing businesses needs,” said Theo Voss, co-founder at


Layer 2 multipoint is essentially a single overlay network. claims its clients can add three sites, such as London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, select the port, and click deploy to access a ready-to-use network.

The addition of a fourth location can be achieved through the addition of another port, without needing MPLS or a Layer 3 virtual private network.

The product is delivered on a virtual local access network technology, so if users connect it to their hardware, they have a fully transparent line. said the E-LAN transport service offers maximum flexibility, redundancy, and transparency.

One of the other features of is the fact path-redundancy is also provided by its segment-Routing based backbone. This is the default and at no extra cost to its users.

Via’s portal, routing paths and prices are transparent, and customers can easily scale bandwidth.

Marc Korthaus, co-founder said, “Any services you choose from us, including Layer2 Multipoint, will all be on the same port. If you want to cancel one, you only need to cancel that particular service and there’s no interruption to the services you want to continue receiving. This is new in the network world.”

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