NexGen Cloud to invest $1bn in NVIDIA GPU AI Supercloud

NexGen Cloud to invest $1bn in NVIDIA GPU AI Supercloud

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NexGen Cloud, a sustainable Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, today announced funding for one of Europe’s first AI Supercloud deployments.

NexGen Cloud, an elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, confirms that it is to invest $1 billion to build its AI Supercloud in Europe, with $576 million secured in hardware orders with suppliers.

Once complete, the AI Supercloud will provide a dedicated compute-intensive platform for European businesses and governements, enabling them to execute sensitive AI applications and research under European jurisdiction and privacy laws.

“AI is going to determine the economic success of nations and define the prosperity of their citizens,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud.

“The AI Supercloud will empower businesses to gain competitive advantages in the next evolution of technology, all within the European jurisdiction and the data sovereignty and security that brings. Through our collaboration with NVIDIA, we are going to deliver an AI Supercloud that will ensure that European enterprises can be globally competitive and ahead of competition.”

The AI Supercloud will begin deployment in October 2023 and will also meet demands accelerated by use of generative AI as well as other AI applications. It will also ensure regional and cost-effective access to GPU cloud services for European enterprises.

AI Supercloud services will be delivered by European data centres powered by 100% renewable energy and will eventually consist of more than 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs by June 2024.

“NVIDIA compute power is the engine behind businesses looking to use the power of generative AI,” said Jaap Zuiderveld, vice president of sales and marketing for EMEA at NVIDIA.

“The NexGen Cloud AI Supercloud will provide businesses across Europe with access to this high-end compute power, unlocking the true potential of AI and high-performance computing innovations to help them stay competitive in an evolving global economy.”

To finance this project, NexGen Cloud partnered with Moore and Moore Investments Group (MMI) to create a dedicated fund, which has secured investment from their private investors.

Access to the AI Supercloud will be provided through NexGen Cloud’s Hyperstack platform.

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