NGMN outlines the path towards operator 6G networks

NGMN outlines the path towards operator 6G networks

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The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance has published its 6G Position Statement: An Operator View report.

The report acts as a guide from NGMN on the future of communication networks encouraging a proactive stance and emphasising the needs for a new paradigm for seamless technological evolution, drive value creation and ensure successful delivery.

“Our publication provides a clear statement of intent from the Network Operator community, that the traditional way of introducing a new technology generation must evolve,” said Arash Ashouriha, chairman of the NGMN Alliance Board and SVP of group technology at Deutsche Telekom.

“NGMN is committed to ensuring that 6G delivers tangible benefits to end-users, simplifying network operations and ensuring sustainability, while offering compelling new experiences.”

The document aligns with NGMN’s mission which is to ensure that next-gen network infrastructure, service platforms and devices will meet the requirements of operators and ultimately its users.

The publication of 6G Position Statement: An Operator View, follows the NGMN publications 6G Use Cases and Analysis; 6G Drivers and Vision; and 6G Requirements and Design Considerations, marking a near complete guidance for end-to-end requirements for 6G.

“Whatever 6G might become, it will be built on the foundations of 5G. This publication shines a light on the challenges our industry faces in delivering compelling new 6G services and capabilities for end-users,” said Luke Ibbetson, member of the NGMN Alliance Board and head of group R&D at Vodafone.

“Simultaneously, as we embark on this journey towards the 6G era, we are actively steering network disaggregation and an open, interoperable cloud native architecture.”

The report outlines how network operators envision the evolution to 6G and issuing a call to the industry to embrace this transformative direction.

It also includes an operator position on such key requirements and design considerations as network simplification, absolute energy reduction, network AI transformation and predictive network management, safe and resilient infrastructure, global 6G standards, software upgrade to 6G.

While also addressing the fact that there is no intrinsic need for a hardware refresh, no compromise to existing services such as voice, and access across mobile, fixed and non-terrestrial networks.

“With this 6G Position Statement we continue focusing on providing guidance and requirements to the industry in the areas of our three strategic focus topics, which build on each other,” said Anita Doehler, CEO at NGMN Alliance.

“It is another valuable example of joint global MNO efforts within NGMN which will continue working on 6G end-to-end requirements, by collaborating with our entire Partnership for the benefits of the ecosystem and end-users.”

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