Zayo unveils 400G enabled pan European network

Zayo unveils 400G enabled pan European network

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Zayo Group confirms the availability of its 400G enabled network in Europe delivering enhanced capacity and scalability for businesses across the continent and the globe.

Zayo’s 400G network customers to access high bandwidth, low latency connectivity across Europe with direct routing for multi-cloud and multi-market connectivity.

Theese new 400G enhancements also support global connectivity for Zayo customers outside of Europe, with Zayo’s North American network also due to become fully 400G enabled by the end of 2024.

“Our customers are increasingly taking advantage of bandwidth-intensive applications to keep up with the competition - from AI and IoT to advanced analytics - which require significantly higher bandwidth and low latency connectivity,” said Yannick Leboyer, managing director, Europe at Zayo Group.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure our global clients can remain on the cutting edge. That’s why we’re committed to the continued enhancement and modernization of our network to provide the fastest, most reliable connectivity.”

As next generation technologies demand more and more bandwidth, 400G connectivity is increasingly becoming the global standard due to enhanced scalability, simplified application and reduced circuit monitoring.

Independent research showcases that Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme, which underpins Zayo’s 400G network, drives a threefold increase in fibre capacity while reducing power per bit by 80% and physical space needed by 85% compared to the original WaveLogic generation.

Zayo is already preparing for the next wave of technological innovation specifically at the growth of 800G networks.

“Customers are now starting to buy 400G wave services across Europe, turning this from a niche to a real market,” said Will Rhodes, CMS Consultant at Ciena.

“They are looking to achieve the highest capacity to support their business outcomes whilst delivering on their sustainability goals. 400G will support the ever-increasing data demand driven by new applications such AI and the aggregation of Machine-to-Machine connectivity.”

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