Raxio Group begins construction of new Angola Tier III data centre

Raxio Group begins construction of new Angola Tier III data centre


The Raxio Group has laid the foundations for the construction of its data centre in the district of Cacuaco, on the outskirts of Luanda (Raxio Angola).

The milestone was marked by an event attended by the Administrator of the Urban District of Cacuaco, Adão Pacheco Valentim, representing the municipality of Cacuaco.

Once construction is completed, Raxio Angola will become the first independent and neutral Tier III certified data centre in Angola. The new facility will enable the country to add to its position as a strategic digital ecosystem for the region, creating a hub for peering and driving regional and international digital traffic.

“Our decision to build Angola’s first carrier-neutral next-generation facility reveals our commitment to a well-defined strategy to provide the country with a vital digital infrastructure. With the arrival of new connectivity solutions and the continued evolution of the digital ecosystem in the region, we will continue to build scalable, hyperscale-ready facilities to meet the growing needs for connectivity, storage and data processing,” said Robert Mullins, CEO of Raxio Group.


“This is a response to the continuous increase in demand for digital services and the evolution of connectivity solutions in the region. Angola has a very high demand for connectivity and related services. In addition, it is geographically very well positioned to be a strategic connectivity hub for the region, making it an important market for our growing portfolio. As with all our facilities, Raxio Angola is being developed in strict compliance with our ESG standards, generating a positive impact through the direct and indirect creation of hundreds of jobs with the utmost respect for the environment.”

Scheduled to go live in the second half of 2024, Raxio Angola will have an inital capacity of 3MW, but with the capacity to scale up to 7MW and accommodate more than 1,600 racks. Raxio Angola, will also be fully equipped with optimal power, cooling and security technology, supporting AC/DC power compatibility and offering complete redundancy to its customers.

Once commissioned, clients will be able to host their mission-critical IT infrastructures and seamlessly connect with other local and international clients in specially designed meeting rooms.

The centre benefits from reliable electricity provisioning, proximity to the landing points of new subsea cables, access to local terrestrial fibre connectivity and easy road access.

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