Tesla plot “first of its kind” data centre

Tesla plot “first of its kind” data centre

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A curious job post has appeared on Tesla website

Electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has posted a job advertisement on its website for a senior engineering program manager that will lead the end-to-end design and engineering of Tesla's first of its kind data centres.

The job is based in Austin Texas, where Tesla owns a large manufacturing hub, know as a “gigafactory”. It has previously built a data centre in Nevada, the location of another gigafactory.

Tesla’s data needs are significantly increasing as it aims to invest in self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Furthermore, in July CEO Elon Musk announced a $1 billion investment in Tesla’s supercomputer, know as Dojo, which is being used to train Tesla’s self-driving cars.

More recently, the search for computing power has led Tesla to subletting space form Twitter, which had moved out of NTT Global Data Centres facility in Sacramento.

There are reports that Telsa is looking at renting more space from Twitter, as Musk seeks to cut costs at the social media giant following his $44 billion takeover last year.

The data centre at Tesla’s Nevada gigafactory was announced back in 2015, which begs the question, what about the Austin one will be unique?

Musk has toyed with the idea of renting out Dojo as a cloud computing resource, and when installing it last year, Tesla claimed it had a custom-designed cooling distribution unit that could support densities of more than 200kW per cabinet.

Another theory is that the Austin facility may employ Telsa’s powerpacks as an Uninterruptible Power Supply, after Tesla had limited success pitching them to data centre customers as a battery backup solution.

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