NTT supports Guam's telcos in wake of Typhoon Mawar

NTT supports Guam's telcos in wake of Typhoon Mawar


NTT Group (NTT) and its companies are to provide support for Guam’s disaster recovery efforts with the use of NTT network engineers and repair equipment in the wake of Typhoon Mawar.

The May typhoon has caused widespread, ongoing loss of power for residents and businesses as well as considerable damage to IT and communications infrastructure.

“We were happy to assist in whatever capacity we could from the federal side,” said James Moylan, delegate to the US House of Representatives for Guam.

“For our island to recover effectively requires a team effort, and this endeavor clearly emphasized that. Having accessible data would certainly help many families take another step towards normalcy.”

Specifically, NTT will deploy 10 network engineers and 12 bucket trucks from the company’s headquarters in Japan to assist with recovery after the typhoon caused major outages among Guam’s telecoms operators – all at the request of Guam’s governor.

“On behalf of the People of Guam, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all those uplifting our island in our time of need," said Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

"By supporting our telecommunications restoration efforts, you are directly helping to restore normalcy to thousands of Guam families. Si Yu'os Ma'åse!"

In addition to the technical support, NTT will make a donation to the American Red Cross to assist those still impacted by the powerful storm.

“NTT is proud to have such a strong relationship with the local government, businesses and residents of Guam,” said David Jeppsen, chief of global public affairs at NTT.

“Our engineers are undertaking this task with the goal of not only returning the island’s networking infrastructure to its former strength, but also upgrading it with enhanced capabilities through more advanced technologies.”

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