Google Cloud, UKG to enhance employee experience with AI

Google Cloud, UKG to enhance employee experience with AI

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Google Cloud and UKG will bring generative AI (GenAI) to UKG human capital management (HCM) suites.

UKG, a provider of HR, payroll and workforce management solutions, will leverage GenAI to create business insights that transform decision making and help leaders manage teams more effectively.

UKG is an early partner using Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade GenAI and large language models (LLMs) through Vertex AI, building applications for unified search AI and conversational AI.

“We believe GenAI can be a tremendously powerful tool that changes how people go about analysing information and insights at work,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG.

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud will help employees and leaders make better decisions, have more productive conversations, and anticipate how today’s choices can impact tomorrow’s operations and workplace culture overall.”

UKG says it has a “rich history of responsibility using AI” across its HCM and workforce management solutions including AI-powered analytics, sentiment analysis, real-time recommendations, proactive reminders and payroll anomaly detection.

Thomas Kurian CEO of Google Cloud said: “UKG’s application of Google Cloud LLMs and GenAI is a great example of how these technologies can streamline important but common processes at work and tangibly improve the day-to-day experience of employees everywhere.

“Our partnership to bring GenAI to more businesses will help build great, technology-forward workplaces and ensure that teams have access to the leading technology they want to engage with every day.”

UKG is now one of the first HCM suite providers in the Google Cloud marketplace. New and existing customers can allocate a portion of their Google Cloud spend to purchase UKG suites and other strategic UKG solutions through the marketplace.

UKG and Google Cloud have partnered since 2016 to allow for better employee experiences.

You can read more about the duality of AI here.

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