Vodafone to call time on 3G

Vodafone to call time on 3G

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The switch off from 3G will begin next month after a successful pilot earlier this year.

Vodafone announced today that it will switch off the remainder of its 3G network in the UK in June. Trials took place in Plymouth and Basingstoke earlier this year, with the network provider declaring them a success.

As part of a plan by all network providers, 3G will be switched off completely across the UK. The benefits of the move include 4G and 5G performing better in terms of reliability and connectivity.

Vodafone say an added benefit of the move is 5G networks are more energy efficient. The company is spearheading a wider project called Net Zero, which will see them cut carbon emissions fully by 2030.

Vodafone’s network director in the UK, Andrea Dona, said: “Our focus remains to continue to build the UK’s most reliable mobile network and to continue to do this, we need to ensure our technologies are fit for purpose. 3G use has already dropped significantly as most of Vodafone’s customers now use the 4G network. Currently less than 4% of the data is used on our 3G network, in comparison to more than 30% in 2016.”

“We’re also strengthening and improving our 4G and 5G coverage and this can only mean good news for our customers as well as the wider UK economy. At the same time, we’ve been working hard to make sure our customers are fully aware and have the information and tools they need to support themselves, as well as friends and family through the programme. The Digital Skills Helpline is a great asset, bringing customers the skills they may need to make the most of their device. On this solid bedrock, now is the time to say goodbye to 3G and focus on the current benefits and future possibilities of our 4G and 5G networks.”

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