Telehouse starts work on 18MW data centre outside Paris

Telehouse starts work on 18MW data centre outside Paris

Telehouse Paris DC.jpg

Telehouse has started construction work on its a second data centre at its TH3 Paris Magny campus in France.

This new data centre (pictured) will provide 12,000 sq m of IT floor space, and use 18MW of electrical power. Telehouse says it “will benefit from the highest levels of security and resilience and guaranteed uptime of 99.999%”.

Takayo Takamuro, deputy managing director at Telehouse, comments: “This is a crucial step in our ongoing European growth strategy.”

She added: “The expansion in Paris is an important piece in the global connectivity puzzle, enhancing the services we offer from our other locations and providing long term benefits, including low latency global connections, greater bandwidth and less jitter.”

Telehouse said the construction of the new data centre is in line with its plan to support European and national digital sovereignty by expanding its hosting and connectivity capabilities at its existing European sites.

Other Telehouse projects include the TH2 Paris connectivity hub, the opening of Telehouse South, the fifth data centre at the Telehouse London Docklands campus, a new data centre facility in Frankfurt, and the opening of the first data centre in Marseille.

The total investment plan is €1 billion over five years, said Telehouse, of which €50 million will be spent on the new TH3 Paris Magny data centre at the campus, due to open in October 2023.

Magny is on a former EADS military site, some distance away from the heavily concentrated data centre zone in the north-east of Paris. It will have a direct connection to TH2 Paris Voltaire via Telehouse Metro Connect’s fibre links of up to 400Gbps.

Telehouse says it is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2026 and is already powering all its data centres with 100% renewable energy. The new site will have a power usage efficiency (PUE) of less than 1.3.

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