Equinix signs cooperation agreement with Turkcell Superonline

Equinix signs cooperation agreement with Turkcell Superonline

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Equinix has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Turkcell Superonline to provide services in Turkey and more widely.

Turkcell said it would further its goal of turning the Silk Road – the ancient trade route between East and West “into a fibre road”, and said the move will also contribute to Türkey’s “strong position in the region, and in the global market”.

Emre Erdem (pictured), general manager of Turkcell Superonline, said: “With our cooperation, we have become and be able to meet the international needs of our corporate customers more easily and more quickly by incorporating the global, inclusive power and strong infrastructure of our solution partner into our business processes.”

He added: “We were given the opportunity to provide data services to operators that offer global service in the OTT [over-the-top], CDN [content delivery network], and Tier-1 sectors. Thus, more companies will start to focus on our country and digital trends will start to shift toward Türkiye.” His statement used the new Turkish official spelling of “Türkiye” for the country name.

Aslıhan Güreşcier, general manager of Equinix in Turkey, said: “As the world’s leading digital infrastructure company, Equinix provides an operating environment in which digitalization is the most advanced, and businesses connect using the most modern technology.”

She added: Those who quickly adapt to digital ecosystem cooperation models reveal the greatest value. With this collaboration, we believe we will contribute to Turkey’s strong position in the region and in the global market, which has strategic importance at the intersection of Europe and Asia.”