Isotropic Systems re-brands as ALL.SPACE usher in ‘smart terminal’ era

IoT connections worldwide.jpeg

ALL.SPACE (formerly Isotropic Systems) confirms the launch of its fifth generation ‘smart terminal’, which enters initial production and due for release at the end of 2022.

The ALL.SPACE software-defined platform can connect with all networks via multiple links that combine intelligent routing, edge computing, integrated modems and mobile access in a fully integrated solution.

The company has extended this capability to converge advanced communications over multiple networks and operators, with 3G, 4G and 5G mobile multi-network integration plug-and-play options.

“With the growing capabilities of the next generation of satellite NGSO and HTS ecosystems, and the pressing need to connect satellites in different orbits, we have created the next chapter for the all-important ground segment. We are leading the industry to the fifth generation of ground systems with our smart terminals," said John Finney, founder and CEO of ALL.SPACE.

"This will be a catalyst for a whole new era of communications, defined by multiple full-performance connections, power and waveform integration, computing, resource control, and intelligent routing that enables a range of value-added software-defined services. These services deliver edge-based intelligence, decision making, and operational efficiency capabilities to our customers.”

According to the company, ALL.SPACE will become the first globally, to release smart terminals at the end of 2022, shipping to commercial and NATO defence customers.

In doing so the industry is set to move beyond multiple antennas and terminals for different networks by delivering a fully reconfigurable and flexible platform that converges infrastructure, networks, edge computing, intelligent routing, and software-defined capabilities in one device .

The new smart terminal will also significantly impact future communications by delivering ubiquitous connectivity to remote locations on land, in the air and at sea. This game-changing solution opens once unimaginable opportunities for a broad range of businesses and markets, including defence, aero, maritime telecom, rail, and government.