Nokia to drive 5G rollout with Infovista

Nokia Helsinki.jpg

Nokia has revealed it will team up with Infovista to accelerate the roll-out of 5G deployments.

The partnership will see Infovista deliver its cloud-based, automated testing solutions to support the verification, optimisation and benchmarking of new 5G and legacy networks deployed and managed by Nokia.

Infovista’s cloud-based testing solutions will allow Nokia to automate and centralise the management of testing routines, streamlining backend reporting and freeing Nokia engineers and service companies from manual drive testing to focus on high value network optimisation tasks.

“5G network complexity combined with the proliferation of device types now requires a set of next generation testing solutions leveraging AI/ML, cloud and automation,” said Faiq Khan, president for global networks, Infovista.

“For operators that are racing to deploy new 5G sites, while continuing to optimize and expand existing network coverage, this new network testing approach is a gamechanger,”

“We’re very pleased to be building on our long-standing partnership with Nokia, extending it from centralised reporting to deliver real innovation with cloud-based automation of critical 5G testing processes.”

As part of its latest partnership, Nokia will have access to a host of solutions including the latest AI and ML data driven approaches and automation innovations in network testing, the company says.

This includes Infovista’s Precision Drive Testing solution which powers use cases including network acceptance automation, fine tuning 5G planning propagation models and proactive network health monitoring.

Nokia will be able to access the TEMS testing solutions delivered by Infovista. The cloud-based automation of network testing routines will allow the firm to centralise and automate reporting and real-time validation of testing, reducing the number of failed drive tests that must be repeated.