PacketFabric boosts Midwest interconnection with 1623 partnership


PacketFabric has joined 1623 Farnam growing ecosystem as the firm looks to boost its Midwest interconnection options.

The two companies will co-host a webinar on June 16 to outline how the new partnership will complement one another.

The videocast discussion will focus on how the partnership will benefit businesses undergoing digital transformation, and how the PacketFabric platform will optimise its digital transformation experience.

“Digital businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve user experience delivery, and latency matters,” said Jezzibell Gilmore, co-founder and CCO at PacketFabric.

“We’re delighted to work with 1623 Farnam, offer our customers the opportunity to establish a presence in a high-quality data centre at the midpoint of the U.S., and power private network solutions and emerging edge-based applications.”

Webinar participants will learn how to build a highly interconnected edge presence with speed and efficiency, a skill that is vital for businesses embarking on their own digital transformation journey.

The session will include a demonstration of PacketFabric’s secure, on-demand interconnection platform, which enables users to connect with other data centres.

“We are always growing our ecosystem to provide the greatest interconnection opportunities for our customers, and we are thrilled to welcome PacketFabric,” added Todd Cushing, president of 1623.

“1623 Farnam is the ‘easy button’ for organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. Our customers have a high level of network assurance with easy access to 100G redundancy, enterprise-grade, carrier class interconnection, very low latency, and full network resiliency.

“They do not have to compromise anything anymore.”