Iskratel launches UK FTTH but Ukraine project stalls

Iskratel launches UK FTTH but Ukraine project stalls

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Slovenian ICT provider Iskratel has expanded its fibre-to-the-home-offering (FTTH) to underserved regions in the UK, although its project in Ukraine has stalled.

The firm says there is considerable potential for fibre-based broadband expansion in Western Europe and it already has a presence in Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.

These countries are expected to experience a three-to-four-digit growth of FTTH deployments, particularly in rural areas.

Simon Higgins, key account manager for Iskratel UK said: “We are excited to bring our complete end-to-end fibre access solutions to the UK, and the recent expansion in the city of Liverpool will bring added flexibility and regional support for operators to efficiently roll-out ultra-fast connectivity in underserved areas of the UK.”

In the UK, heavy investment in FTTH connectivity is promoted by its national high-speed broadband plan which the government has backed financially.

Last year, Iskratel began its network expansion with Ukrtelecom which aimed to connect more than one million people across Ukraine with fibre connectivity.

However, the war in Ukraine has hindered these plans. Iskratel told Capacity Media that until a month ago the project was going “according to plan”.

“Iskratel has supplied Ukrtelecom with 66% of optical line terminals (OLTs), 33% of optical network terminals (ONTs), and 99% of passive components. 5% of civil work services of the current phase of the project have been performed,” it said in a statement.

“It is clear that the current crisis in Ukraine prevents Ukrtelecom from continuing the fibre roll-out. In the past month, our friends at Ukrtelecom have been working extremely hard in circumstances we can hardly imagine in order to keep the people and institutions of Ukraine connected among themselves and to the world.”

“At Iskratel, we are committed to helping Ukrtelecom in its endeavour with on-site support from the experts at Iskratel Ukraine headquarters and with humanitarian aid from Slovenia for the people of Ukraine.

“Together, we will work closely with them to help them rebuild Ukraine and its infrastructure.”

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