China Telecom and Huawei complete transmission system verification


China Telecom and Huawei have completed the lab verification of a 200G+ large-capacity transmission system.

The Chinese companies have partnered amid the rapid development of the Internet Data Cantre (IDC), industry digitalisation and cloud services which have increased by 30% every year.

Against this backdrop, the project will be key in providing technical support for the construction of a long-haul, large capacity transmission system.

Alongside that, it will improve transmission speed, capacity, latency stability and reliability.

“The verification project proves the performance of Huawei’s Super 200G+ E2E optical-electrical solution in ultra-long haul and extremely harsh conditions,” Victor Zhou, president of Huawei’s transmission network domain, says.

“This solution doubles the transmission capacity without compromising the distance, continuously reducing the per-bit cost for operators.”

Unlike application in submarine cable systems, the firms say it is even more challenging to deploy 200G+ long-haul, large-capacity transmission backbone on a large scale while lowering the cost for terrestrial cable systems.

The two firms have enjoyed a good relationship in the past, jointly launching the world’s first pilot site that binds 5G super uplink and downlink carrier aggregation in 2020.

Huawei also verified the feasibility of 1:1 replication of the commercial deployment on a live network in a lab with experts from China Telecom.