Nokia delivers quantum-secure DCI for IP Telecom

Nokia delivers quantum-secure DCI for IP Telecom

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Nokia is to supply IP Telecom with optical networking equipment to extend the company's data centre cloud connectivity infrastructure across metro areas in Portugal.

Through this expansion IP Telecom will be able to reach business and government customers through a highly secure, encrypted 100Gbps optical data centre interconnect (DCI) solution.

“Nokia’s modular optical networking solution allows us to easily upgrade each customer’s cloud DCI as needed and at the same time, ease any concerns about data protection. The encryption capabilities are a differentiator for us,” said Pedro Mendonça, director of IP & telcos at IP Telecom.

Nokia’s optical networking technologies have unique scaling capabilities that can grow DCI capacity from 10Gbps through 100 and 200Gbps line rates. As such, IP Telecom's network will also be able to deliver 400GE services in the future.

The offering also has line encryption capabilities, where each wavelength is encrypted before transmission across the fibre optic network. This is critical to business and government network users with the growing surge in data theft.

“This deal underlines Nokia’s role as a major player in the Portuguese ICT ecosystem with a growing footprint in the country. IP Telecom is a stand-out service provider in Portugal, delivering a range of services to business and government alike," said Luis Bueno, head of enterprise for Spain and Portugal at Nokia.

"We are excited that the operator has selected us to expand capacity in its cloud DCI network, connecting Portugal in an economical manner while also providing a high degree of security. This truly sets IP Telecom apart from its peers.”

IP Telecom has three data centres in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Viseu), connected through dedicated wavelengths, across a high capacity, highly available and low latency network, supported by a robust service level agreements.

The Nokia solution includes the 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect – Modular (PSI-M) optical transport platforms and 1830 SMS secure management server. As well as the 1830 SMS platform to provide key management of the encrypted optical links.

This server provides a centralised, symetric key management solution, protecting against advanced attacks, including threats from emerging quantum computers.

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