Subspace readies the metaverse with dedicated private network

Global network connectivity NEW.jpeg

Subspace, the dedicated network for real-time services, has launched its global private network for real-time applications.

Delivered as a network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering, companies are able to create superior experiences that those limited by latency and other issues with the existing internet.


"We're in a new phase today with real-time applications," said Shahin Farshchi, partner at Lux Capital and a member of Subspace's board.

"And to go beyond that, to realize the Metaverse, there needs to be availability of real-time applications through technologies and products such as Subspace. The world now requires a new kind of internet built for instant experience and connectivity."

Specifically, the NaaS platform enables developers to build their internet application on Subspace and deploy 'in a matter of minutes'. The features of the dedicated network include, PacketAccelerator, which improve latency by up to 80% and reduces jitter and packet loss by 99% while eliminating DDoS, with one connection.

SIPteleport optimises the connection to deliver high-quality, consistent voice and video streams to users without the need for client or server hardware. Lastly, GlobalTURN offers edge-to-edge acceleration with DDoS protection without the need for multiple TURN servers.

In tandem, Subspace also went live on Product Hunt, a marketplace for the latest tech products. In support of this, Hollywood actor, and tech investor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher recorded a short video, in celebration of the launch.

"Subspace is to the network as Akamai was to content delivery and Amazon was to compute," said Sam Teller, partner at Valor Equity Partners.

"The massive number of real-time applications pushing non-cacheable content can now function for the first time at peak capacity, and the pace and economic efficiency with which Subspace has created one of the world's largest networks is astounding, deploying internet PoPs around the world at a cost 100 times less than today's standard."

Founded in 2018 by CEO and founder Bayan Towfiq, the company currently has approximately 400 million users on its network. As a readymade solution Subspace serves industries where immediate connectivity demands are set to increase, including gaming, telemedicine, financial markets, online betting, as well as for the onset of the metaverse.

"We offer the only solution for contact center and BPO markets, voice/video chat in CX and UCaaS and CPaaS spaces," said Towfiq.

"Research shows that the demand for a reliable, stable, and fast real-time network will explode over the next few years, particularly as we move to an increasingly metaverse world. Those who aren't looking for solutions today will be left behind."

In the gaming space, the company has helped its gaming partners reduce lag, reach a larger audience, and increase security before having effectively built a parallel internet that puts high-traffic applications on their own network.


Capacity spoke to Subspace's CTO William King for the October/November issue of Capacity Magazine where he explains why the current internet is not fit for purpose and how Subspace is working to fix it.