How the AIVO3.0 supports 5G network management

How the AIVO3.0 supports 5G network management

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ZTE has launched AIVO3.0 to combine granular understanding and modelling of user experience with detailed network analyses and measurements. Capacity spoke to Wang Qiang, Vice President of ZTE Corporation and General Manager of BDS Products, to find out more.

1. What unique requirements exist within 5G network management and how does ZTE’s AIVO3.0 solution meet those needs?

The large-scale commercial deployments of 5G networks accelerates the development of digital economy. In addition, 5G network management also brings unique requirements to be confronted with, including four major aspects:

First, with the coexistence of 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, how to ensure the efficient network operation and maintenance. Secondly, the cross-system synergy is gradually getting important, how to break down data silos to enable strong interactions in real time and maximum resource efficiency. Furthermore, how to help operators expand their markets with abundant data and continuously strengthen the digital foundation. The fourth one is to develop agile and innovative applications to empower ecological construction and business models, facing the diverse service scenarios such as to C, to B and to H.

Thus, ZTE has launched the AIVO3.0 digital operation solution to combine granular understanding and modelling of user experience with detailed network analyses and measurements, to deliver predictive operations and event management, proactive customer care, and value-based investment decisions. Based on visualized results, this solution helps operators to adopt intelligent, automated and digital technologies to better serve the public.

2. As we know, AIVO3.0 is the latest iteration of the AIVO solution, growing from AIVO1.0 launched in 2019. How has AIVO3.0 evolved from its predecessors?

Since its first release, the AIVO digital operation solution has always been at the core, namely, "AI Insight and Value Operation". Based on the big data platform, AIVO1.0 can assist operators in building a unified operation platform through a unified view. AIVO2.0 has evolved into the data mid-end platform through the big data platform, providing the full life cycle of operation including network expansion, network management, service quality, customer experience, and marketing support. Based on VMAX intelligent data mid-end platform, one of the key objectives of the AIVO3.0 solution is to leverage AI and Big data technology to collect and cross correlate the data from service quality probes, OSS, BSS, or other sources, to empower 5G full-scenario operation for the operators and innovate 5G applications with 5G promoting the industrial revolution.

3. Convergence across data, process and application, appear to be the three tenets of AIVO3.0. Why is this confluence so central to this offering and what advantages does it provide?

The highlights of AIVO3.0 brings forth the ability to converge across data, process and application around the architecture. Specifically, with the data convergence, this solution can support unified collection and integration of cross-system data, unified storage and computing, and unified governance, saving data construction resources and achieving system sharing and open services.

With the process convergence, AIVO3.0 can build an integrated tool system for network O&M and service operation to achieve automation of service processes, seamless integration of optimal decision-making with precise execution, improving efficiency and optimizing costs. As for the application convergence, the VMAX intelligent data mid-end platform includes an automatic development suite, which supports zero coding, draggable visual data and AI application development, and implements unified data service and capability opening based on the OpenAPI, thus promoting the expansion of industry applications.

4. How is ZTE leveraging AI and automation in its network innovations?

Speaking of AI, it is to make the most of data value. Based on VMAX intelligent data mid-end platform, AIVO3.0 digital solution offers more than 150 AI algorithms, and identifies more than 15000 types of services, thus achieving real insights into network, service and user. It provides a full-domain scenario guarantee for the 2G/3G/4G/5G hybrid voice scenario, thanks to active perception analysis, automatic MOS evaluation and smart delay location.

Meanwhile, oriented to the data services such as AR/VR and cloud game, AIVO3.0 constructs a three-dimensional O&M system to guarantee network-wide NE scenarios operation, specifically, providing the full-domain perception demarcation cross terminals, wireless, bearer, core network and internet, providing NFV cross-layer problem positioning based on demarcation results, and giving the optimal decision by exploring self-optimization model with AI engine to improve wireless network optimization efficiency by 30%.

In addition, AIVO3.0 can quickly identify potential users according to terminal capability, package or user preference, and give precise intelligent recommendation through AI algorithm. The results of a project showed that the real-time promotional message was reached to users in less than 10 minutes and the sale success rate was improved by above 10%.

5. With AIVO3.0 active in more than 70 global networks, what has been the response from the market?

At present, AIVO3.0 has carried out digital operation practice in more than 70 networks around the world, and has achieved a series of outstanding results. ZTE is leading the 5G DPI standard and data collection and is exploring 5G application innovation. Together with the operator, the world's largest VoLTE guarantee system is built to guarantee 180 million VoLTE users. In 2021, ZTE ranked first in an operator's AI general capability test. In addition, ZTE AIVO has been expanded in fields such as ocean, smart factories and ports.

6. What are your strategic priorities for the next 12 months?

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to help operators innovate business models to promote revenue growth and empower industry-wide value applications. And we are willing to open these underlying capabilities to all industry and ecosystem partners, creating a new digital ecosystem.

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