PCCW Global offers on-demand access to IX platforms

PCCW Global offers on-demand access to IX platforms

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Hong Kong-based carrier PCCW Global is letting customers connect to a large number of internet exchanges via its Console Connect digital platform.

PCCW Global says this IX-as-a-service (IXaaS) will make it easier, faster and more flexible for companies to order, provision and pay for IX services from some of the world’s largest IXs.

Michael Glynn (pictured), Console Connect’s VP of digital automated innovation, said: “The service includes a dedicated layer 2 interconnection and the cost of the partner peering platform, enabling users to seamlessly manage both their IX services and their connectivity, from wherever they are located.”

Exchanges that can be connected through a web portal include DE-CIX, LINX, SGIX, KINX, JPNAP, BBIX, said PCCW Global.

Glynn said: “IXaaS is a fantastic example of how network automation technology continues to transform traditional network services by making them available on-demand and effortless.”

Jeff Chan, managing director of Singapore’s SGIX, said: “This collaboration enables us to expand our peering coverage globally, making it easier for companies to connect to our peering platform from anywhere in the world. It also allows companies to manage and monitor their global connectivity through a single, easy-to-use platform.”

IXaaS forms part of Console Connect’s new MeetingPlace, a service that includes cloud, data centre, colocation, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other features. Console Connect said its users can self-provision and pay for both their IX services and virtual connections in a few clicks.

DE-CIX International CEO Ivo Ivanov said: “DE-CIX was the first internet exchange to join the Console Connect ecosystem back in 2019, and since then network automation has demonstrated huge value to our customers. Whilst business value chains get increasingly digitised, we see a growing demand for easy to order and provision high quality, fast, and secure interconnection services worldwide.”

Console Connect said users can also order metro or international connectivity between data centres, or directly interconnect with major cloud, SaaS and network-as-a-service (NaaS) platforms in each region around the world, including AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and RingCentral.

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