Cisco ahead in SD-WAN as market grows 50% in a year

Cisco ahead in SD-WAN as market grows 50% in a year

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The market for software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) has grown by an astonishing 50% in thje fourth quarter of 2020, according to research from the Dell’Oro group.

Cisco has come top, says the new report, followed by VMware and Fortinet.

That 50% growth was the fourth quarter of last year compared with the same quarter of 2019. Full-year growth was a more modest, but still substantial, 32%. However, 2019 grew even more over 2018, says the research.

“The combination of pent-up demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and an acceleration away from legacy technologies created a surge in SD-WAN adoption during the fourth quarter,” said Shin Umeda, Dell’Oro VP.

“On a full-year basis, the market grew 32% in 2020, which was about half the rate of the prior year, but very impressive given the challenging macroeconomic environment that we faced throughout the year.”

The top five vendors in revenue share for the full-year 2020 were led by Cisco, followed by VMware, Fortinet, Versa and HPE/Silver Peak.

The SD-WAN market share for 2020 saw increasing concentration in a small number of vendors. The top five vendors accounted for almost two-thirds of the revenue share.

Vendors are increasingly leveraging security functionality to differentiate their SD-WAN solution and driving growth, said Dell’Oro.

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