PM Connect partnership brings major games to mobile

PM Connect partnership brings major games to mobile


Gaming fans in France, Belgium, Spain and South Africa will be the first to access more than 165 top tier games on their mobile phones.

PM Connect and RemoteMyApp, developer of the cloud streaming platform, have brokered a multi-national deal with PM Connect’s global network of MNOs to capture the opportunities in the cloud gaming market, which is said to be worth US$5.3 billion by 2023.

The partnership will see titles including Fortnite, Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto, hosted on, meaning that for the first time gaming fans can play the latest release without purchasing expensive software and consoles.

Instead, gamers will be able to download and use the Vortex app on all of their connected devices, including tablets, smart TVs and desktops, subscribe to the games of their choosing and pay though direct carrier billing (DCB).

Christopher Purdie, chief commercial officer at PM Connect, said: “Cloud gaming has a massive future. Our partnership with RemoteMyApp gives consumers the biggest streamed games on the market at an exceptional price point - making them accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

“Our deal gives MNOs the opportunity to monetise cloud gaming, connecting their users to an industry leading platform, all the while driving data-consumption and their 5G propositions to a captive audience. The democratisation of top-tier gaming experiences is something PM Connect is proud to facilitate and we are excited to progress the partnership in further markets. It’s an unmissable opportunity for MNOs," Purdie added.

Cloud gaming, or gaming on demand, works by hosting and storing gaming technology on remote cloud servers and streaming them to a user’s device via LAN, Wifi or their 4G connection.

The service relies on the user’s connection speed, rather than the power of their physical hardware, making it possible to enjoy major titles that were previously restricted to consoles and expensive gaming PCs.

This is set to become even more widespread with the rollout of further global 4G infrastructure in developing nations, alongside more mature markets that are pioneering 5G.

Andreas Hestbeck, CEO at RemoteMyApp, added: “This will be the first B2B2C partnership for our product,, and we look forward to seeing the effects of the joint actions. Having such a great partner makes it possible for to reach a bigger audience and provide the end-users with a frictionless purchase experience via DCB.

"It is no secret that the cloud gaming market is skyrocketing, and we are excited to bring RemoteMyApp’s cloud gaming technology into the hands of thousands of new players in the years to come.”

In a press release PM Connect said it was partnering with Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone groups, but later asked for references to Telefonica to be removed from coverage after "confusion around the commercial state of play". 

However, the firm says it has relationships with more than 70 mobile carriers worldwide, and that PM Connect’s DCB solutions allows mobile users to purchase and instantly access gaming, lifestyle and sport content, tickets and major OTT services, with charges placed on their phone bill.

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