Khazna plans 160MW nationwide expansion project

Khazna plans 160MW nationwide expansion project

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The UAE-based Khazna Data Centers is to add 160MW of capacity to 2023, as the megascale operator positions to further CONTRACTS WITH private sector and government.

Khazna already operates two facilities in UAE capital Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai. Combined these bring 40Mw of capacity. with the new expansion plan the total is set to increase to 200 megawatts of IT load capacity by 2023.

To achieve the target, Khazna said multiple new facilities will be built across the UAE and additional capacity will be increased at the three current sites.

The firm's CEO Hassan Al Naqbi said: "This significant expansion will support the economic ambitions of the UAE in the coming years.

“The UAE government and private sectors are pressing ahead with digital transformation, which has gathered pace in the last year through necessity. The experience of remote working and the growth of online services during the global pandemic has underlined the importance of robust, state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. Demand for flexible, scaleable and secure data storage is increasing rapidly, and this trend will continue as smart city and smart government projects gather momentum, cloud computing adoption grows and 5G networks are rolled out.”

Khazna said its "expansion over the next four years" will enhance its ability to service clients in the private sector and government, as well as enabling hyperscalers.


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