LEDC gets to work connecting Australia

LEDC gets to work connecting Australia

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Australia’s first dedicated edge data centre network provider, Leading Edge Data Centres, has unveiled plans for a new AU$11 million facility in regional New South Wales.

LEDC, which lodged the Dubbo development application this month, is planning to have a presence in 20 regional cities.

In Dubbo, it is hoped the new facility will help close the digital divide between rural towns and Australia's major urban centres, such as Sydney.

LEDC chief executive Chris Thorpe said: "It will allow Dubbo to become a lot more independent for its communication needs because it streamlines its dependency on Sydney metropolitan. You take Netflix or streaming services, if that content is cached or housed locally and streamed locally you’re no longer trying to pull a movie down a pipe from Sydney. It’s going to be a lot quicker, faster, more efficient.”

It is expected the building itself will be worth more than $1 million, while the hardware, fibre, connections and systems inside it would make the total development worth "about $11 million".

Thorpe added: “We’re providing the data centre facility and the connectivity … our clients come in with the physical hardware and software to create the private cloud environments, meaning there will be multiple cloud environments for local businesses to access without paying for expensive connectivity back to Sydney.”

Tech giants like Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Netflix would ultimately be able to use the Dubbo data centre to connect more directly with new local customers, Thorpe continued to say.

Meanwhile, in another recent project announcement LEDC is utlising Megaport's on-demand Software-Defined Network (SDN), so its customers in Newcastle, NSW, can combine private cloud requirements with a direct on-ramp service to leading public clouds.

Joshua Munro, acting chief commercial officer for Megaport, explained: "The Megaport SDN simplifies connectivity for enterprises by removing many of the traditional cloud access complexities involving technical resources, capital costs, performance and security. Newcastle is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, and through our rich global network of service providers, businesses in the Hunter Region can choose and rapidly connect to the services that are right for their specific requirements and digital strategies.”

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