BCS report says demand for data centres will increase

BCS report says demand for data centres will increase

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A recent data centre survey revealed that there would be a return to pre-COVID levels of confidence regarding future demand for data centres.

According to Business Critical Solutions (BCS), nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that 2021 will see an increase in demand, up by the 40% recorded last year.

The survey recorded the views of over 3000 senior data centre professionals across Europe, including owners, operators, developers, consultants and end-users.

Over the past six months, just over 90% of developer and investor/funder respondents reported an increase in their portfolio of technical real estate, with 85% stating that they expect to see a further expansion over the coming year.

BCS said this represents a significant recovery from the 45% reported six months ago and sits above the long-term average of around 70% monitored during the decade.

“From the current survey it is encouraging that the reaction which we recorded last year at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding future demand levels for datacentres, has been partially reversed in our latest findings,” said James Hart, CEO at BCS.

“If there is one thing the coronavirus has proven, it is that when faced with a truly urgent imperative, both the public and private sectors can adapt at astonishing speed and scale.

“Central to that response has been the data centre which has been the engine room enabling the health response, the mass home working effort, maintaining degrees of business continuity as well as keeping disparate families in contact.

“Last year our industry showed its resilience, agility and relevance, and this will be the lasting legacy of the pandemic for our sector.”

In addition to the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, other sections of the report include responses on: the threats to the industry; the ranking of choice factors for new data centres; and key drivers for change such as 5G.

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