Macquarie Data Centres tops out hyperscale facility in Sydney

Macquarie Data Centres tops out hyperscale facility in Sydney

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Macquarie Data Centres, part of Macquarie Telecom Group (ASX: MAQ) has announced the topping out of Intellicentre 3 East (IC3E), it’s hyperscale data centre in the centre of Sydney’s technology precinct at Macquarie Park.

The company completed the structural build during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Construction together with data centres has been recognised as essential under the Australian COVID-19 regime.

The classification enabled Macquarie Data Centres to continue building across 2020, and the company saw both its IC3 and IC5 data centre in Canberra topping out within weeks of one another.

“Topping out IC3E, in spite of the many challenges we’ve experienced in 2020, furthers Sydney’s position as a regional data centre hub and Macquarie Data Centres’ key role within it,” said David Hirst, Group Executive, Macquarie Data Centres.

“There’s never been a better time to deliver new capacity in Asia-Pacific – more data is being created from remote work, education and increased dependence on the digital economy, alongside burgeoning customer expectations for high-quality service delivery.”

The company added that the facility is designed to meet both the needs of global companies and is positioned to support Australian businesses.

This includes the Federal Government, with 42% of federal agencies leveraging its cybersecurity, secure internet gateway (SIG) and cloud services.

“While some global companies were required to halt construction on their new data centres because of COVID-19 regulations, we’re pleased to have been allowed to continue building across this year – and to have done so safely and efficiently, with limited impact from COVID,” concluded Hirst.

“The resilience and tenacity of the team, including our construction partners, has truly shone through.

“Our investment in Australia’s data centre ecosystem serves to create valuable jobs and build sovereign and secure capabilities – all of which is critical to helping grow Australia’s economy as we emerge from the pandemic.”