5 things to know for October 01: EdgeMicro’s Edge enhanced offerings, Scality’s 1 Terabit per second performance

5 things to know for October 01: EdgeMicro’s Edge enhanced offerings, Scality’s 1 Terabit per second performance


Here are the five things you need to know this morning, October 01, 2020, from around the world.

EdgeMicro’s Edge enhanced offerings

EdgeMicro has announced new services to meet the demands of organisations seeking success at the edge.

EdgeMicro’s enhanced edge deployment solutions (EDS) and its new out of band management (OBS) are available to all its customers deploying infrastructure with EdgeMicro across the United States.

The company’s enhanced EDS is delivered 24/7 including rack & stack, remote hands, cross-connect installation & management, IT systems power-up, verification, reboot and troubleshooting.

EdgeMicro has operational sites in Austin, Raleigh and Tampa with facilities in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis, Houston and Pittsburgh delivering in 2020.

Scality’s 1 Terabit per second performance

Scality has announced the technical preview of its high-performance scale-out file system (SOFS) in Microsoft Azure.

Scality SOFS running in Azure delivers linear scaling performance for read- and write-intensive workloads and its performance running in Azure was measured at 1 terabit per second—the equivalent of downloading 50 high-definition movies per second.

“In late 2019, we decided to port our proven SOFS code base to Azure,” said Giorgio Regni, CTO and co-founder, Scality.

“The combination of customer interest in hybrid cloud or pure cloud use cases with some of Azure’s differentiated features, such as a single API for storage tiers and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), enabled us to quickly deliver an integrated solution on top of Azure Blob storage.”

Microsoft and Facebook data centre to get upgrade

It has been reported that Microsoft and Facebook will finally start upgrading their data centres to 400G network gear in late 2021, according to an analyst.

That conversion to 400-gigabit networks could provide upside to Arista stock and possibly Cisco stock.

Reports also mentioned that some analysts predicted the 400G networking era could arrive as early as 2019, but network upgrades were delayed even before the coronavirus crisis.

Dimension Data begins construction on Johannesburg data centre

Dimension Data has begun construction on its Johannesburg 1 Data Centre, which is set to deliver a total of 6,000m2 of IT space and 12MW of IT load.

The first phase of the site is scheduled to become operational at the beginning of 2022. Dimension Data currently operates 11 data centres with up to 10MW of IT load across Africa.

Together with the new Johannesburg 1 Data Centre, NTT’s data centre platform in Africa will provide more than 20MW of IT load capacity.

“Africa’s digital transformation will be accelerated with the right infrastructure investments,” said Dimension Data CEO Grant Bodley.

Europe labelled world’s enterprise data superpower - report

Europe is the world’s enterprise data superpower, outpacing North America, according to new research released from Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR).

The research comes as the world readies itself for growth brought about by the fourth industrial revolution.

According to recent research from McKinsey and the World Economic Forum, Industry 4.0 has the potential to create $3.7 trillion in value by 2025.

As digital transformation accelerates, Europe’s place as one of the world’s primary centres of enterprise data puts it in a strong position to capitalise on this growth.

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