The Digital Digest

The Digital Digest episode 22


OneWeb’s new launch plans; Seoul’s $315m data centre; T-Mobile’s deal with American Tower and malware on smartphones

In this episode OneWeb heads back into orbit with new launch plans for December; Seoul is to get a new, $315m data centre; T-Mobile has signed a new deal with American Tower and the problem of preinstalled malware on phones, continues to grow.

Also in this episode, Matt Pullen, EVP Managing Director Europe, CyrusOne. Matt speaks to Abigail about the importance of data centres during the pandemic and why he thinks the industry should be seen as critical infrastructure


This episode features editor-in-chief Joao Marques Lima, editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, deputy editor Melanie Mingas and senior reporters Abigail Opiah and Natalie Bannerman.