AWS brings ground station capabilities to Ireland

AWS brings ground station capabilities to Ireland

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AWS Ground Station is now available in Ireland, markings its third introduction in the EMEA region, following Stockholm and Bahrain. The Ground Station is also available in Sydney Australia and in Ohio and Oregon in the US.

AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that provides global access to space workloads, enabling downlink of data and providing satellite commands across multiple regions quickly and cost-effectively without having to build or manage ground station infrastructure.

Behind Frankfurt, Ireland is now the Amazon’s second best served national market in the EMEA region when it comes to infrastructure. However, unlike London, it doesn’t yet have Amazon Connect (AWS global infrastructure map, pictured). 

Customers can integrate their space workloads with other AWS services in real-time using Amazon’s low-latency, high-bandwidth global network. Customers can stream their satellite data to Amazon EC2 for real-time processing, store data in Amazon S3 for low cost archiving, flow data through Amazon Rekognition for imaging analysis, or apply AI/ML algorithms to satellite images with Amazon SageMaker.

In a statement Amazon noted the “recency of data” as being “particularly critical when it comes to tracking and acting upon fast-moving conditions on Earth”.

“This timeliness depends on frequent communications between ground stations and satellites, which can only be achieved with a large, global footprint of antennas maintaining frequent contact with orbiting satellites. The AWS Ground Station deployment in Ireland provides a second region in Europe to communicate with your satellite.”

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