Stc launches localised eSIM platform in Saudi Arabia

Stc launches localised eSIM platform in Saudi Arabia

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Stc announced has announced the localisation of its eSIM platform to provide integrated electronic chip services for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

As a result, stc is now able to provide the eSIM service, which has been accredited by the GSMA, to all telcos across the region as a national platform to provide the integrated electronic chip service. The service will also be available to any telco in the Arab Gulf region or any international telcos that also wanting the service.

“This achievement is the result of the joint efforts between the company and the GSMA Association,” said Haitham Al-Faraj (pictured), the supreme deputy for technology and operations engineer at stc.

“The objectives of the Kingdom's vision 2030, the adoption of compact slides in the Kingdom are a step towards excellence in the performance of the company and its commitment to settling eSIM technology and enabling digital transformation."

In order to provide electronic chip services, the company hosting the integrated electronic chip platform eSIM must pass a set of checks and tests under the supervision of the GSMA to ensure the availability of technical and security capabilities to operate the service.

electronic slide compact is considered the alternative of modern SIM cards plastic traditional, allowing users add other numbers without the need to use the card nano-SIM, without any need to add another slide in the mobile device, and allows greater freedom in the acquisition and cancellation of subscriptions.

This electronic chip technology is expected to represent the features of future telecoms requirements as it allows the optimal operation of future applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle guidance technologies, artificial intelligence and video surveillance.

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