Monetisation audit to tackle roaming revenue decline

Monetisation audit to tackle roaming revenue decline

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Following a warning that the mobile industry could lose US$25 billion in roaming revenues before the end of 2020, Vox Carrier has introduced a monetisation audit for mobile network operators (MNOs) and digital service providers (DSPs) to enable them to minimise the impact of declining roaming revenues and changing user behaviours.

While lost roaming revenues cannot be recovered, Vox Carrier is offering a way “to capture revenues lost to fraud and other inefficiencies”.

The firm said the audit has been developed to offer a “sustainable and effective path forward as they manage the immediate impact they are seeing on roaming revenues”, and can examine routing optimisation, operational efficiencies and revenue leakage from fraud in voice and SMS.

“Our monetisation audit will provide insights to help MNOs and DSPs during these unprecedented times. While roaming revenues cannot be recovered, there is an opportunity to increase profitability in A2P SMS or international voice through fighting fraud,” said Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO at Vox Carrier. “This is a challenging time for our industry and we’re trying to offer solutions that will minimise disruption and enable operators and service providers to continue to offer critical communications solutions to their customers.”

According to Juniper Research, more than 650 million passenger trips will be cancelled over the next nine months due to COVID-19, with travel bans costing the mobile industry $25 billion between March 2020 and the end of the year. The research forecasts that operators could lose up to $12 billion in roaming revenue alone between June and August.

“This pandemic has emphasised the critical role of telecommunication service providers to businesses, communities and users of all kinds. At Vox Carrier we want to play our part and provide mobile operators, DSPs and enterprises the tools they need to respond to this challenge. We are evolving and adapting our solutions through listening and understanding our customers. We have the expertise, agility, and the technology to help solve these challenges with our managed service solutions,” said Nicholas Nikrouyan, CCO and chief of staff at Vox Carrier.

As Capacity reported last week, the mobile industry’s revenues are expected to be $1.07 trillion in 2020 – which means that lost $25 billion is about 2.3% of global revenue.

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