SD-WAN case study in PCCW Global’s WAN Wednesday

WAN Wednesday PCCW Global.jpg

A major Singapore-based enterprise is using SD-WAN to connect more than 70 business locations across south-east Asia, according to Capacity’s latest WAN Wednesday webinar.

Margareta Sauger, PCCW Global’s VP of sales, Americas enterprise, told worldwide participants that the customer “touched every imaginable element of complexity”.

Sauger, based in the US, described how the enterprise customer used a mixture of technologies, including MPLS and 4G as well as broadband internet connections.

“The beauty of SD-WAN is that the routing will choose the best available path.”

WAN Wednesdays are a new series of 20-minute presentations that Capacity is offering to readers around the world. In the first, a week ago, Greg Bryan of TeleGeography asked how WANs can survive the work-from-home stampede. All will start at 14:15 UK time on Wednesdays.

In Sauger’s presentation, she spoke of PCCW Global’s Singapore-based client, a food and payment services provider, which uses SD-WAN from locations from mainland China to Indonesia to connect into Amazon Web Services. Listen here, free.