Infinera achieves 800Gbps on live optical network over 950km

Infinera achieves 800Gbps on live optical network over 950km

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Infinera has followed up last week’s test of 800G transmission in the lab with a live network trial at the same speed.

Last week the company said it had successfully transmitted data at 800Gbps over an 800km fibre, working with fibre from Corning.

This followed just days after Ciena and Juniper announced 800Gbps over a live Verizon network, though without disclosing the distance.

Now Infinera has carried out a trial on a live network, achieving the same 800Gbps over 950km “over a third-party optical line system carrying live multi-vendor traffic”. The company did not identify the carrier in question.

“The success of this trial proves our ability to transmit 800G high-baud-rate signals across significant distances, which will be instrumental in driving down network costs,” said Parthi Kandappan, CTO at Infinera.

The trial used its sixth-generation dual-800G Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology, and Infinera declared it “a major industry milestone in driving down the cost per bit of telecommunications networks”.

The vendor said the trial “showcased the ability of Infinera’s 800G technology designed to enable network operators to rapidly and cost-effectively address the increasing capacity demands of new services such as 5G, enhanced broadband, and cloud-based business services”.

The ICE6 system uses “second-generation Nyquist subcarriers, 64QAM with per-subcarrier long-codeword probabilistic constellation shaping, and per-subcarrier dynamic bandwidth allocation”, said Infinera.

Kandappan said: “This marks another major accomplishment for Infinera’s Optical Innovation Center, adding to its long history of pioneering innovations in optical networking.”