Malbec subsea cable in “final stages” of implementation

Malbec subsea cable in “final stages” of implementation

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The 2,500km subsea cable linking the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with Buenos Aires, Argentina, is in the final stages of implementation according to GlobeNet.

The Malbec cable, which will be fully integrated into GlobeNet's regional network, is intended to promote “seamless connectivity” between the southernmost areas of South America and the rest of the GlobeNet's network to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bermuda and the United States.

The project is being developed in collaboration with Facebook and will double the current capacity to Argentina, allowing greater high-speed access to social media content, streaming and cloud services throughout the region.

The project won Best Americas Project at the Capacity Global Carrier Awards in November 2019.

“Argentina, Brazil and South America as a whole represent a burgeoning digital economy that requires state-of-the-art infrastructure to satisfy the pressing demands of the years ahead,” says Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet.

“The Malbec project is a testament to our capabilities, expertise and commitment to the region where we have been operating for 20 years. For us, this award recognises just how important the subsea cable will be to the overall digital transformation of the Americas when fully complete.”

Construction began in September 2019 and is due for completion by July 2020.

The Malbec system will reach Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo via GlobeNet's own cable landing stations in Las Toninas and Praia Grande, connecting the major data centers and interconnection facilities through terrestrial diverse paths and metro networks, providing a totally diverse route.

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