DE-CIX lands at Global Switch Madrid

DE-CIX lands at Global Switch Madrid

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DE-CIX has announced that the Madrid data centre of Global Switch will be a DE-CIX enabled site from now on.

The newly enabled site will offer DE-CIX interconnection services such as peering and cloud exchange in Madrid. This includes, GlobePEER remote, an interconnection service that not only offers direct access to DE-CIX in Frankfurt but also the wider interconnection ecosystem as customers Global Switch Madrid can use their existing access to peer remotely at other DE-CIX locations.

"The agreement with Global Switch demonstrates the potential of Madrid as a digital hub. The introduction of this new location is part of our commitment to continuously promote and expand the interconnection ecosystem in the Iberian Peninsula,” said Theresa Bobis (pictured), regional director of South Europe at DE-CIX. “Madrid's data growth continues to surprise us, as it had already doubled its peak traffic in the first months of 2019 and reached more than 150 connected networks. Global Switch is a great partner that will help us continue to offer reliable services and increased interconnection capacity in Spain."

By adding Global Switch as a DE-CIX enabled site will extend DE-CIX’s Madrid presence to four local sites. The company’s regional presence consists of interconnected sites in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Lisbon, Marseille, Palermo, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, and Istanbul.

"Having DE-CIX services in our data centre in Madrid is a great opportunity for our customers, as they will gain access to a large number of networks in a single infrastructure,” added Markel Gruber, managing director Madrid from Global Switch. “With this agreement, we continue on our path of providing a neutral, flexible, secure ecosystem and increasing interconnection possibilities, at a moment when exchanging traffic is extremely important in order to offer an efficient network experience without latency.”

Earlier the month DE-CIX expanded its presence into a region, launching operations in Malaysia. Partnering with Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX), the two will co-run two internet exchanges in the greater Kuala Lumpur and the Johor Bahru regions of Malaysia.