TeleSign launches mobile identity solutions with Bouygues Telecom

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TeleSign has entered into a partnership with Bouygues Telecom to protect its users from online fraud activities such as account takeover (ATO) through sim swap & synthetic identity fraud.

“Mobile Identity represents a massive opportunity for mobile operators to play a key role in today’s digital disruption,” said Ravish Patel, director of mobile identity at TeleSign. “TeleSign has been working with mobile operators, guiding them on key aspects around the opportunity, use cases and privacy principles.”

Due to the increasing number of digital enterprises rolling out new B2C services in the areas of fintech, lifestyle, travel, ecommerce, gaming and social media, in turn companies have increasing demand to validate and protect a user’s identity online.

“Ensuring a high level of security and data privacy for their end users has always been a main concern for the mobile operators. Mobile Identity is a great opportunity to build on those foundations. Through this partnership, we get access to the most comprehensive solutions in the market to date, as well as the security that TeleSign provides,” added Alexandre Gavina, B2B marketing manager at Bouygues Telecom. “Having a partner who is able to help anticipate and mitigate new threat vectors is critical to protect our end users and to deliver the highest quality of service to them.”

In addition, as these digital journeys are becoming increasingly centred around a mobile number, mobile identity will see significant growth in these new markets. Mobile operators still continue to be the most trusted source when it comes to mobile identity.

Earlier this year, TeleSign announced that the company was into expanding into Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging. By adding RCS messaging to its platform, TeleSign will enable a truly interactive and omnipresent communication experience, which includes the availability of two-way messaging via chatbots to bring customers into the future of CPaaS services.