China Telecom Global and Syniverse pre-launch connectivity services in Africa

Data Center Africa Connection.jpg

China Telecom Global (CTG) and Syniverse have strengthened their strategic partnership with the pre-launch of a new suite of connectivity solutions for mobile operators in Africa.

The new offerings enable operators to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to 4G as well as deliver other advanced voice, data and video services. It also allows customers of mobile operators to move the next-gen of mobile internet services like 4G, RCS and IoT.

“4G service – and soon, 5G – will quickly become the new mobile-service standard in the developing mobile markets of Africa,” said Ou Yan, executive vice president, China Telecom Global. “Mobile users in this region will increasingly expect access to 4G speed and capacity anywhere they go. To meet this demand, China Telecom Global is working closely with Syniverse to deliver this service to our mobile operators’ subscribers in a flexible, cost-efficient way.”

In order to fully roll out 4G in Africa. CTG is deploying its IP packet eXchange (IPX) network and Diameter, the industry-standard signaling protocol for messages from mobile devices. In addition, the Syniverse Diameter signaling service provides a powerful tool for managing, routing, and mediating signaling traffic across mobile networks that enables 4G data to be passed between operators and devices securely.

“The increasing sophistication of 4G rollouts and the need to quickly complete these service upgrades present challenges that will only be able to be fully solved with the high-performance technology of IPX,” added Chris Rivera, chief technology officer, Syniverse. “Syniverse was the first to offer an IPX-based single-solution 4G testing environment to ensure that mobile operators could test all their services through one connection. We are delighted to use this experience, our IPX network and diameter signaling service products, and our partnership with China Telecom Global to deliver the next generation of mobile internet connectivity in Africa.”

The partnership with Syniverse is designed to offer a high-speed mobile network as well as continued investment in infrastructure for Africa, an investment that CTG began in 2008 and includes network points of presence (PoPs) and data centres that reduce latency and enhance the end-user experience.