Aryaka launches SmartServices platform

Matt Carter Aryaka.jpg

Aryaka has expanded its portfolio of managed SD-WAN solutions with the launch of its newly branded SmartServices platform.

Moving beyond its SmartConnect offering that delivers connectivity-as-a-service, Aryaka has introduced four additional as-a-service offerings that include network and application acceleration, multi-cloud networking, managed security and actionable insights.

Adding to the SmartConnect solution, the company now offers Aryaka SmartOptimise, a network and application acceleration as-a-service that features TurboNet and TurboApp. There is also Aryaka SmartCloud, a managed multi-cloud networking as-a-service for public clouds, SaaS providers and partner clouds. In addition, there is Aryaka SmartSecure, a security as-a-service including managed firewall offering and network function virtualization (NFV) capability for pureplay firewall products; as well as Aryaka SmartInsights, as actionable insights-as-a-service powered by MyAryaka cloud portal.

“We are continuing to accelerate our innovation to respond to evolving customer and partner needs,” said Matt Carter (pictured), CEO of Aryaka. “Our unique patented SD-WAN architecture and our global network allow Aryaka customers to benefit from an integrated solution that delivers the industry’s best application performance. The affordable regional tier provides customers with the same cloud-first experience as our flagship global SD-WAN. This allows them to consolidate other box vendors into an Aryaka solution for the lowest possible TCO while at the same time accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.”

All the service offerings would be managed, orchestrated and monitored globally by its SmartManage offering that features global NOCs, 24x7 customer support and global service level agreements (SLAs).

In addition, the company is also creating regional deployments with pre-defined regional clusters and points-of-presence. Customers choosing regional offers can seamlessly upgrade to a global SD-WAN with no disruption.

“Aryaka’s new portfolio of Smart Services builds on its history of delivering managed networking services in a cloud consumption model,” added Alex Lai, global infrastructure network manager at Darling Ingredients Inc. “Darling Ingredients is a growing global organization with a cloud-first mentality, so we needed a network that’s flexible without compromising performance. Aryaka is a partner we can count on.”

SmartConnect regional and HybridWAN, as well as the fully packaged versions of Aryaka’s SmartOptimize, SmartCloud and SmartInsights, as well as Aryaka’s SmartSecure managed firewall as-a-service, will be available in Q1 2020.