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New security service from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Encrypted Lambda

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Rolf Nafziger, senior vice president, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, speaks to Capacity about the company's new security service: Encrypted Lambda.

We understand that Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier will launch a new service as part of your 360° Security Strategy. Can you tell us more about it?

Our new service is called Encrypted Lambda, and it is a true technology innovation that we have developed in partnership with Ciena. It encrypts data before leaving the client’s premises and stays encrypted as it travels across the network, until it reaches its destination. This is a very important point, as cyber criminals become bolder, more sophisticated and have begun to intercept data even while in transport. But what is really unique is how it works.

What makes this new service distinct from those of competitors?

Here’s the important difference: We encrypt data in the hardware at the physical layer, at Layer 1, which makes it extremely efficient, both in cost and performance. The traditional way is to encrypt over Layer 3 or Layer 4, which is software based, CPU intensive, slower and more expensive. That is because of the need for software computation in the data flow which additionally requires more servers, slows down applications and adds considerable latency. Plus, the software itself is expensive and necessitates high-level development and management skills. This all makes encryption costs prohibitive, especially if large amounts of data need to be handled. Our value proposition is that we are able to encrypt huge volumes at almost no loss of performance with minimal monthly costs.

What type of clients will most benefit from this service?

Because we are encrypting in hardware at high speed and scale, clients using this service would typically be those needing to transmit very large amounts of encrypted, confidential data at wire-speed over large distances. This is critical, for example, in the financial industry. In addition to banking customers demanding fast transactions, in the stock or equities trading industry milliseconds can mean the loss or gain of significant amounts of money. And can potentially have a widespread influence on global markets. Also, as today data has become the lifeblood of businesses, any multi-national organisation – especially those with proprietary and/or developmental-stage information – will experience great benefits by using our Encrypted Lambda solution.

Why was this new Encrypted Lambda service necessary when your security offerings are already very comprehensive?

We are all aware that predictions foresee volumes of data continuing to develop exponentially. That’s due to the rising number of connected devices as well as growth in technologies such as IoT, M2M, AI or 5G. At the same time cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more refined and difficult to combat – or even recognized in a timely fashion. So even the best security measures need to be constantly updated and reevaluated. At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we continually innovate to keep ahead of new developments, whether technical or societal. Luckily, as an integral part of Deutsche Telekom, we have the skills, knowledge, background and resources to steadily create advancements and keep ahead of trends. Our new Encrypted Lambda service will not be the last of our security offerings – because we are committed to keeping our customers’ valuable assets as safe as possible, along every step of their journey.

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