AMS-IX deploys Pluribus Networks solution for data centre modernisation

Global network connectivity NEW.jpeg

Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) has deployed Pluribus Networks’ Netvisor ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric at its facility.

“The cost savings of open networking is certainly compelling, but for our team, it is the fabric-wide visibility together with the SDN automation that make the Pluribus Networks solution so valuable to us day in and day out. With this deployment we continue to stay at the cutting edge of networking, further improving network operations and management,” said Bart Myszkowski, AMS-IX network engineer.

The Pluribus solution is being rolled out as well as Dell EMC Open Networking hardware as part of AMS-IX’s multi-site network modernisation project. The company has come under increasing demand on its network and services, and realised that moving to open networking solutions combined with SDN would best meet the requirements for performance, automation, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

“Innovation and high-performance services are the foundation of Amsterdam Internet Exchange; it’s what they built their reputation on, and why they’ve led the interconnect market for 25 years,” said Kumar Srikantan, chief executive officer, Pluribus Networks. “This focus on innovation and new approaches led the team to understand the compelling advantages that can be realised once the software is disaggregated from the hardware. Their shift to open networking, with Pluribus software driving automation across the entire fabric, is now delivering the agility and flexibility they need to meet customer requirements well into the future.”

AMS-IX chose the Pluribus Linux-based Netvisor ONE network operating system (NOS), featuring the Adaptive Cloud Fabric (ACF) running on Dell EMC Open Networking Switches, for its ability to create an SDN-controlled network fabric that groups together a large number of geographically distributed switches to appear as one logical switch, significantly simplifying network operations.

 “This is a great example that the advantages of open networking extend beyond simply cost. It’s about the automation and the programmability that open networking brings,” said Drew Schulke, vice president, Dell EMC Networking. “This is another proof point of the growing presence of openness and SDN that we see as the future of networking.”

Last month, AMS-IX, along with DE-CIX and LINX joined to simplify ways of provisioning and configuring interconnection services.

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